WHEELCOME ? Welcome on Skates in Münster

You want to brush up on your skating skills and learn to dance on roller skates? Let's meet, connect with other members of the university and explore Münster with experienced roller skaters.

This course takes place in cooperation with Techniker Krankenkasse. As health partner

Die Techniker promotes programs for diversity & a healthy lifestyle.


  • Virtual meet and greet: matching Skatebuddies + Newbies / 07.10.2021

  • Rollerskating day from 0 to 100 - Indoor training / 10.10.2021

Part I 12.00-14.00: Repeat basics. How to skate and stop: learn or revise the basics. From warming up, skating straight ahead and turning around obstacles, we are going to learn all the necessary skills. Besides you will get to know all other participants well in a safe environment.

Part II 16.00-18.00: learn to Rollerskate-dance. Get your lesson in Dancing. Learn some usefull steps for your balance and have fun together.

Part III 20.00-22.00: Freestyle dancing. Everyone as he/she likes.

  • outdoor Welcome Tour - you will get to know exciting science and sport spots in Münster/ 13.10.2021

  • a virtual group for meetings and learning / from 15.10. onwards

Target group: new - and old (-: university members

Level F/A: This training is aimed at people with little or skating experience from long ago who like to learn dance skating or want to learn skate dance and it is aimed at roller skaters and inline skaters.

Requirements: bring skates and the protection you feel comfortable with or write a notice with your needed stuff/your shoe size.

Information: Projekt WHEELCOME, Mascha Homeyer

792001Welcome on wheels


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10.10.Silke Maria Homeyer
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